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The long-awaited event promoted by the legendary Knights of the Apocalypse. Originally named Apocalypse, the Apocalooza is a more extravagant version of the original concept, which will now feature not only monumental floods, out-of-this-world fire storms, and epic plagues, but also the fantastic financial collapse of civilization and the spectacular demise of moral principles on every level of society. The date of the event hasn't been announced yet but it shouldn't be too far away now.
"Let's have giant pizza."
"What? I thought you were on a diet!"
"Tomorrow is the Apocalooza."
"I'll have a double shake then."

"What do you wanna be when you grow up, Billy?"
"It doesn't matter. Tomorrow is the Apocalooza."
"Let's vandalize the school then."
by spz! June 24, 2013
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