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The Apex Gamer has the unique ability to quickly master the techniques behind every video game he plays. Her skill is most apparent while playing real-time strategy games like Starcraft, or battle arenas like League of Legends. While playing against the Apex Gamer in a friendly or social circumstance, he may allow his opponent to win a respectable number of matches. But during competitive play, she is only rivaled by another Apex.

Most Apex Gamers do not revel in victory. They have grown accustomed to winning, and it is not a thrill unless they feel that they are properly challenged. They avoid bragging for fear of offending their less skilled friends. They find it most relaxing when facing off against self-proclaimed baddies, because there is no stress or fear of causing social tension.
Damn, Tom, another flawless victory? You're some kind of apex gamer.

Yeah, you don't want to challenge Sara, she's an apex gamer. You'll just end up humiliating yourself.
by smithesquire July 20, 2013
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