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Apdi Podu is a south indian slang for "throw it like that" or in other words "Move it like this, Shake it like that". Popularly used when perfoming Thapangutthu - A dance move known widely throughout Southern India.

Theres really no restriction to how you should gyrate your pelvis..anything goes, as long as it looks like you're dancing and having fun

Language: Tamil

It is preferable to shout this out, when you're in a club dancing to anything from 50 cent to David Guetta, at your college fest..and death processions (which really does happen at times) kidding about the last one...
Shiva : Hey man, they're playing our song da!

Me: Ask them to turn up the volume maaan

Shiva: Look at my cool dance move right here!!

Me: DOOOPE! Apdi Podu Machi!!
by RAKSOLID June 30, 2010
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