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(1.)The point of not caring about anyone or anything, and if tries to convince you otherwise, you fully disagree using examples. You only say the negative side, as you see the world as: over populated by idiots, and stupidity running rampant.

(2.)The point reached right before the office worker comes in with Molotov cocktails and an AK-47.

(3.)Caused by everything in someone's life fucking them over since birth.
1.)You have a really nice life, glad your creationist parents raised you to par. I honestly don't care though, you can take your faith and intimately shove it.
Because, even if I was to win the lottery, I would just spend it on leveling an entire city.
Humanity is F'd.
(listener):Well aren't you just bursting with apathetic pessimism!

2.)... you have an idea.

3.)Example - Family murder, Siblings killing each other, Family members dying, Failing at every thing you have ever attempted.
by kamel_reds February 14, 2009
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