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The "Instant Classic" term coined by none other than two members of Triple Helix loosely meaning "Ass Beans", or commonly known as "Poo". Not "Pooh", as in Winnie, but just "Poo" as in the thing you always manage to step on when you put on a pair of White Converse Sneakers. Anus Truffles are viewed as something you wouldn't normally put in a salad, or in someones tuna melt, however, it is always acceptable, and welcome in the mouth of the porcelain god.
"Dear Lord Timmy! You shat yourself a storm in your trousers! You must have quite a bit of Anus Truffles touching your genitals as we speak!"

"Eat Anus Truffles you vile beast!"

"ANUS Truffles! ANUS Truffles!" echoed over the intercom of the local FoodStuffery. "NOW at the low, LOW price of $1.98 per pound! Located by the Sugar Frosted"
by Gabriel Dolecal February 19, 2008
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