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The antonym of "Juggernaut".

The proverbial nickname of the "Big Brother" type entity that was surreptitiously halted as "Deus Ex Machina", or "Act of God", in the early part of 21st Century Earth history.

Alternate definitions include:

a) Grasp-44 - an exacerbated "Catch-22".

b) The Arbitrarily Appearing Gunman Paradox - unilateral "suicidality" upward momentum.

c) Granite Grave or "Slate-Face" - a result of "Tabula Rasa" "reasoning" (or the "school" of "imbecility").
Example use: "Hey Mary; look, it's a slug, it's a leaf . . . no, it's the 'Antonaut'. Haha, retard."
by Overlord0 August 23, 2016
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