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When a guy likes a girl and the girl likes him back but they dont talk to eachother at all. They both are usually too shy to approach one another, therefore they fantasize over nothing when it could really be something. They are always focussed on the little things, like if he looked at her she will go crazy and tell her friends and ect... If only they could approach eachother, it could end up as a perfect love. If you are in this situation and you are a guy, make the first move!!
Cameron "Oh Sarah is so beautiful.."
Blake "Dude why dont you talk to her?"
Cameron "Just forget it, you dont understand"

Sarah "Cameron was totally looking at me today!"
Carlie "Okay stfu we've heard enough!"
Sarah "Yeah your right..if he liked me he would approach me"
Carlie "Heres an idea...why dont you approach him?"
Sarah "do you not nderstand what im going through??"

Unfortunately its an antiperfect crush, never gonna happen.
by BEYOUTotheFUL October 25, 2011
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