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When you have to shit, badly, and the urge gets stronger the closer you get to the toilet. The urge becomes nigh unbearable when you are right about to mount the pedestal, and often leads to shitting midair -- which is known as "death from above," or DFA.
Matt: "Bros, I was in the plant at work and my stomach made this crazy noise, and I knew I was gonna shit my face off. I had to walk like half a block to the john, the anticipooption almost got me."

Dan: "Yeah, I had that shit a few days ago from Jewel chicken. Waddled to the bathroom, and I thought I'd get away with a DFA... But that anticipooption got me. Muddbutt city, man."

Bryan - "You guys are gross."
by Dothehumptyhump September 03, 2016
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