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People who believe, to one capacity or another, the theory that William Shakespeare of Stratford did not write the plays that he had become famous for.
"There are certain people who believe that Shakespeare's plays are so sophisticated, so erudite, so brain-crapingly good that a middle-class kid from the Boondocks without a University degree couldn't possibly have written them. Why no one suspects the same from degree-less writers Maya Angelou, Truman Capote, Ray Bradbury, Mark Twain and Charles Dickens is anyone's guess. Still, the belief goes that only some one with a vast education and a noble soul could have designed such masterpieces. Shakespeare's too perfect not to be made by a perfect human. It is literary creationism."
-- Kyle Kallgren on Anti-Stratfordians
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by The Logical Fallacy June 26, 2017
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