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Against Babylon, against bitches, "guidos"(machoes), hustlers and (especially "Jersey") whores, against pansexualism(especially male bi- and homosexuals), against the police abusing the Gladio state terrorism surveillance state at least since PNAC's "new Pearl Harbor", against corporate slavery(e.g. private prisons), mental slavery and wage slavery, against casinocapitalism(so called "neo-liberalism"), against the historically falsified Mafia monopoly based prohibition scheme that keeps the banking cartels like HSBC banging the drug war drum by the means of lobbyism(capitalist fascism), while profiting from tax-free black market money channels. Against the Mammonist "god" state.
Against non-fatal sentences for child rapists.
Rastas are anti-babylonian by definition. A Raggamuffin or a Rudeboi is often mentally manipulated by the Babylonian Whore and her cock-sucking cocaine addicted priests.
by VectorNectar July 26, 2013
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