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Simple Fashion adopted by Hardcore Punks in the 80s. At it's strictest consists of a plain white t-shirt, black trousers or plain jeans and black boots. Hair is cut short. This anti fashion was adopted in response to the 'overly fashion conscious' fans of bands such as the sex pistols.
Minor Threat and Black Flag always wear anti fashion clothing
by NNDEAN January 27, 2008
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anti fashion is a term for various styles which are different from the 'normal' fashion styles. Anti-fashion styles are mostly somewhat representing attitude of indifference or may arise from political or practical goals which make fashion a secondary priority. The term is sometimes even used for styles championed by high profile designers, when they encourage or create trends that do not follow the mainstream fashion of the time. anti fashion is the not mainstream fashion.
P1: what the f is anti fashion?

P2: you know yeezy or off-white? That's anti fashion.
by sarinathegunn July 01, 2016
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