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Someone who has phony hair, pockmarks, no friends, fake teeth, an unquenchable thirst for transsexual peckahs, and a mooching loser brother who spends all day ranting about black people and politics on Twitter and blocking any- and everyone who disagrees with or insults him in an effort to create a safe space for himself. He's also a pedophile, racist, woman-biting loser.
Anthony Cumia, disgraced former shocking disc jockey, was arrested today for biting his child bride.
by AnthonyCumiaLovesTrannyCock February 11, 2018
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Some Italian-American weirdo from Long Island, New York who really seemed desperate to become famous or seen as a comedian/performer/host. He was actually funny for a while; until people found out his real secretive life and that he started being a total douche and scumbag. When he was exposed and all this happened; his best "friend" Opie Hughes got real embarrassed and parted ways; ending the Opie and Anthony radio show.

Anthony Cumia used to have a large fanbase, but now has since ostracized his own following and everybody hates him now like Tom Cruise; and has propelled himself into career suicide.

He is also a Republican/Libertarian "redneck" from Long Island, which is very rare. And is also Italian. You know what that actually means? white trash
The amount of pathetic and embarrassing things Anthony Cumia has done is inexcusable. He is a lowlife way beyond contempt. Please don't show any compassion for this dirtbag.
by Abraham's Adversary January 21, 2019
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