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1. A small awesome midget or skinny (non-hairy) dwarf with a slight build of muscles in the upper body. A Ant_Shrew will go bald in their later life (With out a transplant). Can be subject to Male, Female or Other (as defined in China).

2. A nickname or Avatar derived from Ant(Being small and hard working) and from Shrew(A small foraging rodent the scurries along the floor) and together creates Ant_Shrew or Originally "Andrew".

3. A genetic mutation between a Ant and a Shrew which is highly unlikely since a ant is a insect and a shrew is a mammal and not anywhere near the same size.
He is an Ant_Shrew.
I jigar how the Ant_Shrew looks.
Hey I like your nickname Ant_Shrew.
Wow, that Ant_Shrew scared me it was like two different creatures.
by Ant_Shrew October 04, 2011
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