beautiful independant intelligent girl.
Usually filthy rich and have everthing they could ask

for in this world.
by jkjmoli February 20, 2011
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anoah hope is one of the prettiest girls you will ever meet. she is so genuine and pure and one of the kindest girls ever. she has been hurt way beyond the limit and is a very strong girl to still be going but if she is then she deserves the world. Anoah Hope is definitely someone to keep around in your life because she’s truly a blessing. You won’t regret dating her or being her friend and i think everyone needs someone like her. She’s amazing to date but she is always cheated on or played so make sure if you get the chance with her to not slip up because so many guys have a crush on her and you’re so lucky if you get to date her! Anoah Hope is very intelligent and usually has all A’s. She has a big heart for animals and more often than not wants to become a vet. Anoah Hope probably likes singing and has quite the voice. If you know anyone named Anoah Hope, keep her around because lord she is an angel!
boy: woah holy hell! who is that?
boy2: that’s Anoah Hope! she’s the worlds prettiest girl
boy: i would love to date her!!
boy2: that’s hard!! i heard so many guys like her and it’s hard to get a chance because she stays with anyone she is with until they leave her!!
boy: damnit
by bella tienes November 19, 2020
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