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Very beautiful woman. One of the most beautiful in the entire universe. You won't find another like her ever. She's extremely smart, extremely loyal. Very outspoken. She knows if she likes you the moment she meets you. She's very successful in everything she does. Mostly musical. Very trustworthy and loving. She dresses impeccably. Her style is crazy elegant, stylish and fancy. When she loves, she loves hard and will fight for her love. Speaking of fighting, don't pissed her off! She is wise beyond her years and anything she touches turns to diamond. She's a human dictionary! She's very analytical. All her exes realize they let an amazing woman go. She's creative and business minded like no other. You need an Annyia. She has a huge heart and loves splurging on others showering them with gifts. She's extremely clean. Her home always feels like a castle. She loves nice things but she's not superficial. Best love maker you'll ever meet. She's very particular about who she let's in her life and she's very close to God. He talks to her. He loves on her. She's the queen of all queens.
Annyia is the greatest woman on the planet!
by Urban Dictionary Godess December 21, 2016
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