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(1) Great actress. Cute little woman. Starred in:
Corvette Summer
Ghost Busters
Designing Women
and much more...

(2) Slang name, based on the "sound" of the name, not based on the characteristics of the person mentioned above. ANNIE POTTS = ANY POT'S good enough for me, just give me an ounce of your cheapest stuff.

DEALER: Okay, I have five different varieties of pot. Different flavors, different potencies, different prices.

BUYER: Annie Potts.

DEALER: Alright, here ya go.


STONER CHICK: Get me wasted and I'll MT yer balls.

HORNY DUDE: Gee, Herb, what do you recommend?

HERB: I know her, she's ANNIE POTTS.

HORNY DUDE: The actress?

HERB: No, retard! ANY POT'S good enough for her.

HORNY DUDE: Oh. Cool, I won't have to waste my gooshy on her to become a nilla shake.
by Bud Miller June 2, 2006
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