To be a nilla shake means to just lay back and relax while your personal ho treats your cock like a straw in a Mickey Dees nilla shake.

After a while, the gusher cums and she gulps down every last ounce of your squart. "Mmmm, nilla shakes taste good", she says as she wipes off her chin.

It's so cumblasting awesome that your cock does the dick dance or chocolate shake ("nilla shake" again, if you're a cracker).
SISTA: You guys got some nice smellin' bud there, you mind if I have some?

BRUTHA: What'll you give me bitch?

SISTA: How about a nilla shake?

BRUTHA: What about my dawg here?

SISTA: A nilla shake for you, and a chili dog for your dawg.

DAWG: Nigga!
by Bud Miller June 2, 2006
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