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Annalecia is... An Amazonian goddess of love. She is pretty, stubborn, short tempered and crazy. She is also sweet, soft hearted and outgoing. Annalecia can be opinionated and somewhat annoying at times. And then there is Annalecia's tuff side... You will never win an argument. She will put you in your place in the deepest, darkest depth of your sole until you're crying for her mercy! But let's not forget that Annalecia is also fun! She's witty, clever, silly and can dance all night and never wants to go home. Annalecia is sexy, and sometimes appears dominant.

When she dresses she doesn't need to make an and she always looks amazing.
If you have an Annalecia in a relationship, she will give you her everything.

Once she gives you her heart, she is attached to you for life. If you hurt her she will have a hard time getting over you, she will not give you chance after chance and you will inevitably lose her forever.

Annalecia's only 'click' with certain people, so if an Annalecia is dying to date you, you're lucky. When an Annalecia is in a relationship, she is dating you to marry you, have a family with you and she will be all about you. Annalecia is the love of my life, she is my soul. If I lost her I would die of a broken heart. She is my best friend and I always need to trust her.

I lost her once and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I hope Anna will be mine to have forever! I would do anything to make her happy! She deserves nothing less than love.
Annalecia? Oh yeah Annalecia!
by Albert Picklewilly June 05, 2017
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