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Annalea is an amazing, beautiful person who has her whole life ahead of her, she is really funny and smart she has doubts about herself, just remind her how beautiful she is. Her smile is so bright it could light up this entire galaxy. Anyone would be lucky to even have seen her she make everyone happy. Tell her how you feel about her she won't care if you love her or hate her she has some real sas, if you love her there is a 99% chance she loves you too. She is a very loving caring person.
Wow that girl is beautiful,her name must be Annalea.
by A close friend 😁 November 11, 2018
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Female name consisting of the names Anna and Lea. Originally the name comes from Wisconsin. Annalea is usually used on an only child who gets a lot of attention. Parents mostly decide on his name when they have enough money to be able to spoil the child with presents.
Girl #1: OMG! Thats Annalea!

Girl #2: Ugh! Im so jealous!

Girl #1: Yeah me too...

Girl #1 & Girl #2: *Sigh...*
by Huskyboy132 August 28, 2009
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