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A very sweet, sensitive and caring individual that never selfish and is well disciplined. She possesses a deep natural and compassionate instinct as a valiant protector of family and loved ones. Her greatest strength is her considerate and sympathetic nature to place the needs of others before her own. However, it is a delicate dual edged sword for those whom mistake her kindness and compassion for weakness and will immediately discover that she also possesses a hidden fury that she will reveal like a sudden storm when she is betrayed and/or taken for granted or advantage of. A true blessing for those whom she shares her life with. For any and all whom know her will always remember her as someone very special that they have learned something valuable about themselve through her traits.
Ann-Merida=Compassionate & Caring, Unselfish, A Valiant Protector
by Shibak October 25, 2011
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