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Someone who plays for a more than decent Ice Hockey team, but doesn't play at the same level of skill as the rest of the team. Therefore, the "Ankle Taper" doesn't usually fit in socially with the rest of the team. The term Ankle Taper is related to someone who cannot play well, because it's 'as if he taped his ankles." Referring to the ankle brace on the back of hockey skates, that protrudes up the back of the skate against the backside of the leg. When a player bends his ankle forward (when skating) the ankle brace leaves the surface of the leg. If someone "tapes their ankles" the brace will not leave the leg, therefore making bending your ankles nearly impossible. So skating will cause the skater to bend at awkward angles and look ridiculous; as well as not being able to gain any speed. So in conclusion: an Ankle Taper is someone who cannot skate, or play ice hockey well at all.
Man that was a great game. Their whole team was so good! It was no wonder they won.

Yeah, but did you see that kid who kept falling every time he tried to skate? He looked ridiculous! Like he didn't even know what he was doing!

That kid was such an Ankle Taper!
by Hocckeeyfreeek March 30, 2011
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