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Obsessed with anime and often won't shut up about it. Animefag and weeaboo are often confused with the only real difference being that animefag's know Japan isn't full of anime and therefore take on the duty of converting the rest of the world into animetard's.
Animefag: Anime is better than your stupid real life shows... you must watch this... I cosplayed as this guy once... I have the whole 2nd series of this...
Normal dude: ARGH!! Shut your face you damned animefag!
by Su-chan April 25, 2008
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a derogatory word to describe Anime Fans.
Anime Fag is nothing more then a Social Sterotypes
If you are going to call me a Anime Fag you might as well say that to everone else in the room
by ???^_^???? October 03, 2006
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