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A stereotype that was created for the sole purpose of falsely depicting anime fans being outcasts.
The Anime Fan laughed at the fool of a classmate that called him a Anime Kid
by ???^_^???? October 03, 2006
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The kids in your school who wear black. They draw weird designs on their face and are constantly drawing anime people. They often play their ringtones down the hallway and have obnoxious laughs. They're suicidal and draw on themselves. They're ugly.
Sue: Look! There are the Anime Kids
Tom: Omg! They're so weird!
by aliii:) May 12, 2009
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An Anime kid is often spotted by the smell they give off, other common trates of an Anime Kid are bad and torn up clothing, glasses, the over use of stupid puns and catch lines(Bomb, Sweet, ect.) and the biggest trate of all is the fact they all think they are artits', even though every thig they do is the same dam thing over and over again. Anime Kids often have there very own section of any room the are in. Now i ask you all to stop this Pandemic and stop Anime all together, it's giving real artist' a bad reputation....fuckin loser Anime Kids
Holy shit you smell bad you smelly smelly Anime Kid, take a bath.
by KeboΒ² March 22, 2006
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