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Also known as ALR

1. A relationship that is often found in animes where the main boy and girl of a show act as though they don't love each other but they really do, but it won't come to full circle till episode 24 or the episode prior to the last episode.

2. A relationship in real life where two people refuse to accept they like each other but in time realize they've been idiots and get together a few months down the road (years if especially stupid.).
1. Dude I swear to God if Kagome and Inuyasha keep up this Anime Love Relationship shit I'm going to drop kick them both.

Wow, Shinji is such a pussy, if he doesn't get head from Asuka next episode, I swear to fuck...God damn Anime Love Relationship

I just watched this great show, none of that anime love relationship shit, the main characters get together in the first 10 episodes, it's awesome.


Guy1: Dude I hate Rachell, she's always calling me up, asking if I'm busy on Friday, and she's always so mean. Man I hate her so much.
Guy2: If I have to hear about your Anime Love Relationship one more damn day..

Girl1: I hate that Steve! All he does is think about himself, I wouldn't sleep with him if was the last guy on earth and if he thinks I'm hanging out with him anymore he's got another thing coming.
Girl2: If I have to hear about your Anime Love Relationship one more damn day...

Guy1: So ummm I asked out Rachell today..
Guy2: Finally! You've gotten over your ALR
by PeterTheHans October 16, 2009
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