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Anigous is a nonsense word, referring to almost anything and everything in a negative (or sometimes positive) light! Use this when trying to find a word for your friend's sweater! They won't even know if it's good or bad!

Your girlfriend got you down? Tell her she's acting like an Anigous! That's sure to fix things right up!

Use this word sparingly, as it's only good once or twice before your friend finds out on Urban Dictionary and that you may have meant (actually undoubtedly) something negative!
(Adjective) 1. "That shirt is sooo anigous!"
(Noun) 2. "That anigous sure is getting upset"

Supplementary examples for more uncommon situations.

3."That girl is such a friggin anigous!"

4."That guy is so anigous"
5."This garbage can reminded me of that anigous mother of yours"

Person 1 "Yo momma so dumb, she tripped on my trash bag, SON."
Person 2 "You just pulled an anigous, brah."
by OrangePeelUnderground January 13, 2011
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