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An alcoholic drink consisting of equal parts Mt.Dew, Orange Juice and Vodka.
Tom made an AngryJohnny in the morning to cure his hang over.

Drinking AngryJohnny's all night long make John Angry.
by HomeSickDemon March 20, 2012
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"Angry Johnny" is a song by Poe, released as a single from her debut album Hello. The song received heavy radio airplay, and an accompanying music video was shown frequently on television. Despite its success and positive critical review the only commercial single released was in Australia; however, a variety of promotional singles were released across the world. These included a "Full Band Version" of the song that was more acoustic than the album version and heavily featured cello.

The song was also included on the 1996 album Big Shiny Tunes.

Poe mentions Johnny again in her second album, Haunted, on the song "Dear Johnny". The Johnny in Dear Johnny is the character from the book House of Leaves and the song is a musical representation of the letters his mother sends him from a mental institution.
"Johnny.. Angry Johnny.. This is.. Jezebell in Hell,"
by SmittyWerbenYaygerManJenson January 21, 2012
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