Do this with your partner’s back pressed against the base of a tree. During vaginal sex, inconspicuously feed your partner peanuts until you ejaculate. When you do, pinch their tits, then quickly and powerfully shove a feather duster up your partners ass. (Brush side out) They should try to scramble up the tree while making a noise that resembles an angry squirrel.
She had scars on her back from when I gave her an angry squirrel.
by ThatsNotVeryNice January 15, 2020
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an angry squirrel is another sex thing ------->

u have to get the girl on a leash, and u run around with the other end of the leash, and she will chase after ur nuts like an angry squirrel
She was an angry squirrel last night
by Paco gordo November 24, 2007
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