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Not to be confused with the angry pirate, the angry dragon or anything similar, the angry farmer is a legendary, albeit mythical sex move, used to make a friend jealous, or as an act of vengeance against a boyfried or lover.
Little is known of the angry farmer, apart from that the female partner needs to be UBER flexible, the first part hurts, but after that multiple orgasms are guaranteed.
Example 1:
RiRi - Hey Mitch, you know that chick that you like?
Mitch - Yeah, why?
RiRi - Well... She was over before... She's SO FLEXIBLE!!
Mitch - WTF, you cunt.
RiRi - Yeah, gave her the angry farmer... I'd heard about it, but i didnt think it was POSSIBLE. Like its pretty gnarly man. The first part sorta hurts, but after that, we're talking multiple OMGasms.
Mitch - *kills self*

Example 2:
Girlfriend - Hey honey....
Boyfriend - Yeah babe?
Girlfriend - You know that guy... The one you hate?
Boyfriend - Yeah, that faggot?
Girlfriend - I was over at his house before... He gave me the angry farmer. I orgasmed seven times. By the way, it's over between you and me. Ha ha.
Boyrfriend - *kills self*
by RiRi RAWR! November 25, 2007
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