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Angry Racoon; while engaging in straight doggystyle sex just before the male is about to ejaculate he takes both of his index fingers and in one swift motion shoves them knuckle deep inside his partners Asshole much to her surprise of course, she simultaneously flexs every muscle in her body as a result which aids the male in his ultimate goal and in a rage filled reaction as she turns to look him in the eyes he extracts his fingers and very rapidly uses them to make qwik circle shapes around her enraged eyes and before he even done with that he's already running for the door being sure to kick the garbage can over on his way out!
Dustin-"Duuuude, I totally slipped that slut the old Angry Racoonlast night it was Epic!"
Tyler-"WTF Bra, you know she my sister why would U tell me that?"
by Vendetta Fist February 20, 2017
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Term coined after a man tried to have sex with a racoon and got his penis bit off. It means when you and your significant other had a fight and your girlfriend/boyfriend is sucking your dick and uses too much teeth because shes mad.
Guy 1: Sara got mad at me last night when I said her mom was a bitch.
Guy 2: Damn, what did she do?
Guy 1: Well I thought she was done being mad at me till she gave me an angry racoon later in the night.
by MistressJana February 02, 2009
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