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A follow up to the wildly successful 'Angry Birds' game series. In this installment the goal is to complain for 12 hours straight about your very well paying job that requires you to sit at a computer and chart 80% of the time. Bonus points, hidden levels and new characters are awarded for the amount of time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tinder (you'll want to use your cell phone for that bc the hospital proxy blocker doesn't allow you to post half naked selfies) instead of getting off your ass and changing a saline bag the aid who makes jack shit has had to silence the alarm on for the last 20 minutes. Default mode has the player set as a single mother hoping to be turned out by whatever decent looking doctor works the floor. In order to change the settings to an actually friendly, positive person, one has to turn off "bat shit crazy mode".
gamer 1: dude did you download that new 'angry nurse' app? its totally sick!
gamer 2: bro i dont know what the fuck youre talking about, all my character did was bitch about her child's father and complain about patients for 12 goddamn hours straight. i was so depressed after playing i thought about killing myself.
gamer 1: that sucks, i had a couple of addicts on the floor going through DT's and it was hilarious.
gamer 2: i guess...i sure hope nurses aren't like this in real life
by imsonotcoolitsridiculous May 09, 2014
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