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When having rough and intense sex, you spit in the girl's face a few times.
I was bangin that girl last night and I gave her the Angry Llama. She loved that shit!
by Chris A February 22, 2005
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cumshot after dogystyle and spit on the back.
Angry Llama is when doing dogy style: right before you come you pull it out and spit on her back. She will think you came on her back and will turn around. Then you give her cumshot in the face.
by sjaak August 31, 2006
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when you cum in a girls mouth and she spits it back in your face.
she told me not to cum in her mouth but i did it anyway. the result was an angry llama.
by farku July 22, 2009
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When your sex partner her/she gives you the reverse titertotter while spitting in your face
"Hey babe what do you wanna do tonight" I think you should give me that angry llama:)
by By:Jhonnynonips July 20, 2018
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