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This is a symbolic gesture much like "awkward turtle" which is done to someone who appears frustrated or mad. It is accomplished by approaching someone and then, through use of your index finger and middle finger, running those fingers up the arm of the angry person while moving your fingers as if they are running up the arm. This must all be done with a smile on your face and a rapid movement of your fingers from the respective persons' wrist all the way up to their shoulder. The phrase "angry ants" must be said throughout the execution of this gesture.
Navdeep: Damn I feel pretty angry

(Vivian runs, ok jk thats not possible, Vivian slowly trudges to Navdeep and runs her fingers up his arm to denote angry ants)


Navdeep: Ok I feel much better now, let's go eat some nutella and then have mixed berry yogurt with chocolate chips


by Navdeep Singh June 03, 2007
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