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Usually American. A person who has a skewed, almost victorian notion of England/Britain (is not able to distinguish the two).

Has based all knowledge of this country off Sherlock and Doctor Who. As a result they think Benedict Cumberbatch is the epitome of British chivalry, despite the fact that he is a self-hating, anti-British asshole.

In spite of their self-professed expertise on the subject, they have no idea that Wales is it's own country. If they are ever fortunate enough to come across a REAL Briton, they will proceed to ask them all about London - whether or not that person has ever lived/visited there.

They often enjoy affecting a "British" accent, which ends up being no misnomer because no one in the entire 4 countries sound like that (perhaps except for that one time Dick Van Dyke visited).
Meagyn: No. Way! You're a real British!? 'allo mate! I LOVE London~ I want to live there so baaaad!!

Charlotte: Oh sorry, I'm from York.

Meagyn: Like... Albany?

Charlotte: (...not another angloph)
by splendiforouspuddingpop September 02, 2012
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