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The AnglicanApologist72 is a Theistic apologist
who formerly went under the name SirTheistDRF. He claims he is a defender of the church and Anglicanism,
but his videos are so boring, he only manages to defend
sleep from waking excitement.

Similar to Venomfangx in many ways, he readily

engages in censorship and impertinence, but lacking the
charisma of Venomfangx, his censorship does not mean much since his online clout is extremely trifling.

His defense of Christianity mainly stems from trying
to show evidence for Jesus Christ's resurrection, and trying
to make excuses for the embarrassment of following a

religion that was founded by someone as ridiculous as
Henry the VIII. He is also known to be ignorant of the
common fallacy of circulus in probando, when dealing with
the Bible.
AnglicanApologist72: Jesus Christ rose from the dead
because the Bible said so.

Atheist: You can't use the Bible to prove claims

from the Bible.

AnglicanApologist72: Sure I can.
by Crisanto38641 April 16, 2010
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