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A person that is only photogenic when photographed from a certain angle. The term generally reffers to online social network users who tend to exploit this trait and fill most of their photo albums with pictures taken from this very same angle, to fish out as much compliments as they can. It is worth mentioning that these compliments mostly come from people who nolife too much to realize we live in a three-dimensional world and if they, god-forbid, went on a date with an anglewhore person, this person would have to turn around eventually which would break this illusionary 2D utopic world they have built for themselves online. Considering the more-than-obvious connection with the duckface syndrome, the anglewhore's usual picture-taking pose is also reffered to as "the implied duckface".
Female: Look at that Monica Bellucci b*tch, she's such an anglewhore.
Male: Yeah and the angle is 360°
by Tlukinic June 30, 2011
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