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A rare (and unconfirmed) mental condition where Angie Harmon's (the actress best known for her roles as Abbie Carmichael from Law & Order and Jane Rizzoli from Rizzoli & Isles) voice triggers colors to be seen by the listener. When Angie Harmon speaks at a low octave, the listener with angiharmasthesia will see dark colors like royal blue. When she speaks at a high octave, the listener will see light colors like yellow. However, the angiharmasthesic also perceives the actress's mood (i.e. when Angie Harmon is angry, the listener sees red). It is a very serious condition that is undergoing further study.
I have angiharmasthesia. Whenever I watch Rizzoli & Isles, I see rainbows whenever Angie Harmon speaks!
by Nannyluvscmu August 23, 2011
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