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That guy you can always get along with. Angel is caring, funny, intelligent, and damn courageous. Typically averaging from around over six to seven feet tall. He's typically the guy you instantly want to hang out with as soon as you meet him and he'll never let you down or leave you behind. He has great taste in films, music, and even games. Even if you don't typically like that genre you'll like the ones he picks out. He'll get you to do stuff you wouldn't usually do because he's an entertainment achiever. He loves making people have fun and he knows everyone needs a good scare once in a while to get a good laugh. Your most memorable moments of life will be with this guy. He will take some time to himself once in a while to clear his head and chill out from stress, work or even just so much fun he's had with you guys. Joel is full of energy but is really chill and laid back. Just don't cross the line with this guy, if you intimidate him he'll ignore you or put you in your place you but become violent with him or someone else and he'll fuck you up. He also has a skill of every kind whether it be cooking, hunting, musical instruments, C.Q.C., comedy, sex, pretty much anything.
"Dude, that guy's hilarious! Who is he?"
"Don't know but I bet he's a Joel..."

"Awe, thanks man... That boar almost got me. You're a real Angel, you know that."

"Jesus Christ! Amy's pretty happy but I've never seen her so cheerful."
"Yeah, I heard she slept with Joel last night."

"Hey, I'm Bigby."
"Sup, how are you? I'm Angel (sometimes referred to as Joel)."
"Oh, cool. I'm great, thanks for asking!"
by Bigby Wolf October 12, 2013
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