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An outside game played with at least four people, but it is fun with more. Everyone gathers at the base, and whoever is it tells everyone to "take a hike!" Then everyone runs away from the base (and hides if they want to) while the person who is it counts to ten. Then whoever is it yells, "angel in the chapel," and tries to tag as many people as possible before they get to the base. If someone is tagged, they will also be it next round. Then you start over, but this time everyone who was tagged is now it with the first person who was it. Once one person is left untagged, they win! And if you play again, they are it this time.

Extra Rules: If you stop touching the base, you are not safe. If you keep touching the base, anyone who touches you is also safe. You can't be within 10' of the base while the it person is counting.
You wanna go play Angel in the Chapel? It's so fun!
by qu'est-ce que c'est October 22, 2017
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