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An Aneka is usually really smart, crazy, talkative & VERY loyal. She speaks sarcasm as a second language and in an argument can think of a clever, badass comeback in a split-second. She has the temper of an Italian housewife & the mouth of a French sailor.
Person 1: DAMN. She comes up with some bitchy comebacks.
Person 2: She must be an Aneka..
by User190273519362 November 04, 2013
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Aneka means powerful and complete in Buddhism. Aneka is a beautiful girl with a smile that will brighten a room. She stands out in a crowd and she will always catch your eye. She’s always there to talk to you and she is extremely patient and understanding. aneka is usually up for a night of dancing or just sitting on the couch and watching movies. She is very smart and likes music. aneka can be shy but she’s got the inner confidence of a lion. aneka loves very deeply and will stay extremely LOYAL to the right person. aneka is a girl you will never forget she’s one of a kind. If you meet a aneka never let her go!!!!!!!!!
Person 1: “Damn look at that beautiful girl in the crowd
Person 2: “Oh that’s Aneka”
by me6861 July 09, 2018
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