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1. One who possesses little to no testicles but instead chooses to leave them in Hazel's handbag. Any attempt to recover these testes are quickly castrated resulting in loss of even more testicle.

2. Innovator/Master of the "Thrusting Robot" which has propelled him to minor celebrity status among Dublin club goers. New moves still in development include the "Pause/Eject" and "Boogie Nights".

3. One who enjoys the feel and smell of a warm wet dog.

1." You should have seen him on the dance floor last night it was epic. You would swear he was Andy Curran!"

2. Person 1 " That dude is gettin more whipped by the day!"

Person 2 "Yeah he's really turning into a right Andy Curran alright"
by conebaganselmo2 June 20, 2009
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