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1. (v) a conjunction of the word android and the suffix -sexual that denotes an individual's attraction to artificial beings or androids. Due to the uncanny valley, the level of sexual desire for human-like beings varies from extreme lust to utter revulsion.

2. Someone who prefers sexual encounters with machines or human-like inanimate objects instead of humans or other organisms. Such as: sex-machines, vibrators, blow-up dolls, mannequins, hanson robotics, etc.

Syn. Robosexual, Dollers, Android-Fuckers
Ant. Organasmic, Breeders, Squishers
In the film Blade Runner, Dekker was an androidsexual, he had sex with an android or replicant.

I could swear Martha is an androidsexual, she spent most of last night and the early morning getting pounded by John, her love doll.
by Ramzizzle July 23, 2010
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