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A pretty rocking couple! Everybody knew from the minute they layed eyes on these two that they would be absolutely adorable. Sooo cute, sooo perfect, sooo Andraela/Micrew! They never leave each others' sides. Besides being a cute couple, they make some pretty good friends. They're fun to be around, especially when they are together, and, God forbid, if something did happen between them, nothing would change . . . not that that would ever happen! Duh!! Why would it? There's no reason for it to end!!!

Brother and sister. Usually Michaela is older than the Andrew.

Andrew is Hebrew or Greek for "man warrior."
Michaela is of German origin, and means "Who is like God!" After Michael, which means "Son of God!"
"Ooh, look at Michaela and Andrew! They are so cute!"
"They're together!"
"Yeah, and if not, they should be!"

"Andrew and Michaela get along so well!"

St. Michael the Arch-Angle!
St. Andrew the Apostle!
by Fox5Runnerz December 10, 2012
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