NOUN: A jewish parasite that is infamous for infecting the erected African American penis. The most famous victim of the Andrew Young was portrayed in the film Earnest Goes to Camp. The movie tells the tragic story of young Morgan Freeman. As little Freeman violently penetrates Earnests velumptuous buttocks the Andrew Young entered the sperm spout and rapidly multiplied. Although miniscule in size the demonic Andrew Young multiplys at such an alarming rate that the erected penis swells to such a size that removal from the ass hole is near possible. Bewildered by the intense prediciment Freeman anxiously and brutally excavates his large penis from the bloody masacre. The Andrew Young attacks 99% of all African American dicks; like Freeman most African Americans can acredit there large penis size to the Andrew Young.

SYN: Blonde haired Irish Prick
by Earnest 5555 June 29, 2010
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