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A 380 pound 6 '1 15 year old Male from Alabama. He is mostly known for his racism on "NaesTV" populated Twitch live streams. He is known to be a snake in the grass and a clan hoppper. He leaves sometimes but to end up coming back because he sees there are no other opportunities for him to shine any where else on the internet. He is also "Naes" manager but it does not look like he contributed to anything because Naes has no new collars or sponsors. For some background information he is currently trying to date a female which he calls a "dyke" but if you call her a dyke he will be mad. Overall a kind hearted guy but mostly likely suffers from the common discease of being bipolar.
"Andrew Thompson just left naes stream. Oh well who fucking cares LOL."
"Andrew Thompson alert stream to watch Netflix for 22 hours and complains about playing 2K with sean for only 2 LMAOO."
by NaeaConcernedViewver June 15, 2017
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