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The most beautiful person through out the whole galaxy! She is beautiful, sexy, incredible, romantic, lovable, bitchy, great dancer, nice legs and butt, sarcastic... but funny! You wouldn't miss her walking down the street. she's every man's dream... literally! She's smart, and is great with kids! You will fall in love, lust, like with her!
If you only you got the chance to sit down and talk to Andreah, she will be the most interesting person you ever met!
by fanculb90210 June 04, 2011
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Andreah is amazingly beautiful. her face is perfectly symmetrical and her eyes are like none you've ever seen. Many would do anything in the world to get her beautiful skin and hair. Her boobs and ass are just the right size and she has a body like a supermodel or pornstar. For this she tends to be popular wherever she goes. But don't be fooled by her physical perfection.On the inside, shes terrible and hideous. Andreah is the exact opposite of what you would want as your friend. Andreah is the most toxic backstabbing bitch around. She is very self centered.Andreah thinks the world revolves around her. And doesn't give a damn about you or anyone else. Andreah doesn't have her own personality. She has very low self esteem and is a huge wannabe and trend follower. Andreah is also the dumbest hoebag bitch in the galaxy. This is because she puts all of her effort into picking up boys and being an asshole, but none into her academics. She has no clue how to do science, math, reading, and she couldn't spell if her life depended on it. She doesn't even have any common sense. As i said, she thinks the world revolves around her and she'll get so jealous of you, that she'll try her best to drag you down because all her confidence you see is fake. She's actually just a fake girl that hates how she looks and she has daddy issues. Avoid Andreah at all costs!
Although Andreah is pretty, she's just a fake, self centered wannabe thot that you will regret being friends with.

Dude one: Ahh i wanna be friends with Andreah!
Dude two: Bro no you don't. Trust me, she isn't a good person!
by Skylar Loft November 05, 2019
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