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The sexiest person you will ever meet. He is always funny and he is really hot 💦
Anden is such a sexy beast.
by Beast1234512345 November 08, 2017
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Wea you guys went?
we went to the mall
and then we went go eat.
and then we came home.
an-den nevamind den. Jus shaddup arready!
by Lindsey April 21, 2003
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A sort of contraction of 'and then'. Commonly used by my 6 year old son. Generally in an excited description of the latest near catastrophe. Something is now broken, for which he totally disavows any direct connection... Although he saw the whole event occur.
"Son, how'd the lamp in the rec room get broken ?'"

"Daddy.... well. I was just playin' ... you know.... ridin' my bike ??? An'den that stupid lamp just falled over. I saw it! It busted ! It scared me!"

And then we sat down and had a heart to heart talk.
by MAZASKY August 12, 2017
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