Used to show doubt or general disbelief of an event that a person has described. Typically used on stories where the event taking place is completely illogical and the creator of the story is making it for attention.
User1: My jr high school principal told me to get involved in something. I asked "Like student body president?" The principal said "With your long hair and bad attitude, you wouldn't get 2 votes" I asked "If I get elected, will you resign?" I won with 828-56. He resigned.
User2: And then everyone clapped, applauded, and carried you to your car.
by Ministry May 23, 2018
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When an anti-vaxxer mom needs something to end her incredibly under-researched argument or story about her preventing her child from being vaccinated. If seen on a social media post, please ignore the argument altogether.
When the doctor stabbed my child with the syringe, I lunged at him and took it out before he could inject autism into my child, and everyone clapped.
by Windows Error December 17, 2019
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