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A *higher* being from the beginning of time. Praised demi-god, the Ancient Dankloft, is the first established deity

and Dankastru is the first organized religion on Ark: Survival Evolved. The Ancient Dankloft promotes community in an otherwise hostile game. The Ancient Dankloft is said to have handed down The Eight, a list of inclinations, to help better all players. Since the Ancient Dankloft is only a demi-god, he does not require worship like a god, but still enjoys praise. He encourages his followers to smoke the dankest herb and to give gifts to friends. The Ancient Dankloft watches from behind the glorious yellow glow of the sun

It's not uncommon to hear players praise the Ancient Dankloft before smoking the jazz lettuce and chasing turtles.
Dude, are you ready to fucking blaze?

Praise the Ancient Dankloft!
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by MistrBearJew June 23, 2017
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