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Anatoliy is a a good friend to have. Some might say his really attractive, some really smart, other really strong. He is friendly, caring and always looking to put a smile one your face. He might sometimes over exaggerate things but he never lies. He is open minded and always willing to make new friend. He is always working and trying to achieve or learn something new. Stay on this guys good side though he might not be a fighter but he won't tolerate stupidity.
"Anatoliy" you're such a caring guy!
by creampop April 18, 2018
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a tall blonde russian who may seem bipolar and is obnoxious. Once you get to him he might get a little bet better. (use a shock collar for better results)
me:Hey anatoliy wanna hangout today?
anatoily:no i am not really feeling it

later that day anatoliy says:i wish someome would hang out with me bacuse im mad bored
by kurfave;) November 30, 2017
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