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Anarcovandagoon: A person holding superficial and misguided ideas reguarding the ideology of Anarchism. An Anarcovandagoon can be most commonly be seen wearing black tattered clothing ALL THE TIME, a second hand backpack branded with store bought ‘red A’ and NIN patchs; however, can sometimes be seen riding the latest skateboard found on the cover of the latest skateboard magazine produced by the hippest multi-national around (AOL Time Warner). Ararcovandagoon’s also partake in random acts of street violence and vandalism while in their natural habit: outside the local Starbucks at the mall. In general, Anarcovandagoon’s are of a younger age; however, have been known to fully function within College’s and trade schools in search of that ‘killer job’. Seen as self-made individuals, Anarcovandagoons, are nothing more than walking contradictions.
*Also see- Mindless Automaton.
MARGE: Oh look, Richard! that poor looking boy over there with horrible clothes,hanging outside our, lets give him some change to get something to eat.

RICHARD: NoNo Marge. That's the Swanson's boy, Toby. Thinks he's an Anarcovandagoon or somethingaruther. We'll see his parents at the next PTA meeting, I'll have choise words for them about young Toby's "life".
by James March 05, 2004
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